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sj Hypothesis XXX
Summarizing the work of the Hypothesis project and related constellations of work.  (From actual scientific hypothesis mapping to annotations of 3D physical objects to metadata and alignment of large clouds of such comments).  Talmudic scholars of past and present: unite!
If wherever we encountered new information, sentence by sentence, frame by frame, we could easily know the best thinking on it.
If we had confidence that this represented the combined wisdom of the most informed people—not as anointed by editors, but as weighed over time by our peers, objectively, statistically and transparently.
If this created a powerful incentive for people to ensure that their works met a higher standard, and made it perceptibly harder to spread information that didn’t meet that standard.
From iannotate :
The dreams of humanity are built around sharing stories and wisdom. Dialog around the work and insights of others is fundamental to advancing our collective understanding of the world. From the Talmud, the first collaboratively annotated document, to modern academic scholarship and peer-review, we reason together to further knowledge.
Ever since Vannevar Bush's prescient imaginings, the giants behind the Internet's development have believed that people could collect and connect human thinking and then re-share it. In one the first steps towards online commentary, Marc Andreessen built a global web annotation system into the first Mosaic browser in 1993, but removed it after appreciating the scale on which the service would have to be managed.
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